Prowa solar pumps are installed in many African countries in rural areas to provide sustainable drinking water to the population and agricultural production.

PROWA solar pumps are used in the entire Pump&Drink range from Sotrad Water. More than 500,000 people in rural areas depend on these stations for their drinking water supply. PROWA pumps have been selected for their reliability and solar operation.

PROWA solar pumps are used in many West African countries to improve the yields of community and family farming.

L’eau pompée au fil du soleil, sans coût opérationnel, est ici utilisée pour l’irrigation de plantation d’ananas et la production d’huile de palme.
The PROWA pumps have led to a significant improvement in the living conditions of the rural population, especially the women in charge of the water duty.

Installed in the north of the Ivory Coast, PROWA solar pumps provide water for livestock and poultry.
The water is pumped by the sun, without any operational costs, and is distributed via troughs.

The PROWA pumps have enabled a clear improvement in the yields of livestock and an improvement in the safety of the breeders.